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The ECE Prep School, LLC is an educational consulting and publishing company located in St. Louis, Missouri. Our professional goal is to enhance the learning experiences of children in prekindergarten through third grade. We are a non-traditional school in that we provide skilled training that supports a high quality professional industry and meets credentialing standards for preschool teachers. In addition, we publish children’s literature and teacher training curricula that is aligned with national standards. Our products and services are intentionally culturally relevant, responsive, and designed to further the ideas of educational equity for all children.

Our Mission

The ECE Prep School’s mission is to ensure all children read at grade level by the end of third grade.

Our Core Beliefs

The ECE Prep School’s Ten Guiding Principles

1. Every person matters and every person is important.

2. Every person is part of a culture.

3. Parents are the most important teachers of culture.

4. Children have a right to learn and grow in a safe and nurturing environment that is guided by

culturally competent adults.

5. Children become engaged in learning when the experience reflects who they are as cultural beings.

6. Culturally competent instruction supports differentiated learning and the individual needs of children.

7. Language and literacy is the basis for all learning in school.

8. Never underestimate the power of an image that is culturally responsive.

9. All adults should strive to culturally inspire and intellectually engage children.

10. The most powerful and effective teaching and learning strategy is – Love!

Professional Services

Write, Illustrate, Publish, and Promote Children’s Literature

The publishing arm of our company encompasses children’s literature and educational training curricula. Our products are intentionally culturally relevant and values the images and interest of all children. We work with authors throughout the publishing process from story development and editing, to acquiring copy right certification and book promotion. For more information about our publishing services and pricing, contact us at (314) 635-7294.

Author Visits and Read-In!

Invite our consortium of authors for special classroom visits, library story times, or school literacy nights. We are available to actively engage children and parents while reading wonderful adventures and inspirational tales that encourage children to believe in the best of themselves. Contact us to find out more about our Author Visit and Read-In Packages (ranging from $250-$500). Classroom sets of our literature are included in our pricing.

Missouri Certified Training for Early Childhood and Youth Development Professionals

-Cultural Competency, Part I, II, and III (S-2013- 0520, S-2013- 0521, S-    2013- 0548) This training series is designed to ensure professional commitment  to appropriate culturally relevant and responsive practices in early childhood  education. Training participants are asked to take part in admittedly difficult self-  explorative exercises and discussions intended to dismantle misconceptions about  race, poverty, injustice, and how children learn best. ECE professionals learn how  to build inclusive communities and uplift students’ intellectual-development and  self-esteem.

-ECE Literacy and ME! The Daily Routine (S S-2015- 1365) Many third  grade students in Missouri are struggling to meet the state’s learning expectations  in Reading. However, a strong prekindergarten education that is literacy rich  remains the best predictor of a child’s readiness for school (ILA 2014). The ECE  Literacy and ME! Series helps teachers and parents gain skills and strategies that  support all children on or above grade level in Reading by the end of third grade.  Training Series: Foundations, The Daily Routine, The Five Essential Elements of  Reading, What is Phonemic Awareness?, What is Alphabetic Principles?, What is  Fluency, What is Vocabulary Development?, and What is Reading  Comprehension?

-The Professional and Ethical ME! Early Childhood Education, Part One  (S-2015- 0984) This workshop encourages professionals to examine how they  understand themselves as professional and ethical persons working in the field of  Early Childhood Education. The National Association for the Education of Young  Children (NAEYC) Code of Ethical Conduct is used as a guide for understanding  commonly used vocational language and how meaning translates into best  practices. Professionals are encouraged to be committed to serving children and f  families with enthusiasm and integrity.